An elephant and Lollipops

Angels and The Deep-sea organism

The Clock and Left Hands

Fish and Feet

The Skeleton and Seeds

Jellies and Teeth

The Arrow and Full Moon

Glasses and Curtains

Amoeba and The Butterfly

The stairs and Balloons


A Study on Modern Illustration’s Expression applying Dépaysement Technique of Surrealism
: Focusing on series of 「Consciousness and Unconsciousness」 

This project began based on my interest in invisible unconsciousness. ‘Unconsciousness’, or visual expression of what is invisible, is considered abstract. Because the world I have experienced and the world others have different eyes, it is considered abstract in the process of conveying meaning or emotion to people. However, modern people's interest in the invisible inner world of their lives with what they see has continued from the past to the present due to worries and anxieties about the future. And it is our task to express it visually.

My first stage was that I selected two objects of 10 kinds by applying the features of surrealism techniques Dépaysement. The hybridization of two objects has an internal connection of invisible, conflicting property. Using only two objects can make visually dynamic but also, there have some connection each other’s. The goal in the process of work is to combine these two objects with strange and bizarre effects while harmonizing well with each other. In the early 1900s, when Dépaysement Technique of Surrealism was applied to modern times, it was intended to present a new level of expression rather than just highlighting similarities. Through the means of expression by the development of modern technology I used AR for this project. Through the work, you can interact with people who see the work in real time.

- Exhibition Views at Moa Museum